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Selling A Property

Green Park Realty has been specifically set up to provide the most professional service available to Newington and Homebush Bay residents and owners. The principal of Green Park Realty, David Mahony is the most experienced and successful sales agent operating in Newington.

If you want to sell your property, we can meet with you at your convenience in our modern conveniently located office with ample parking or in your own home to discuss with you all the requirements to list and sell your home for the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

Below we have made a short list of requirements a prospective vendor will need before they can list and sell their property:

  • Prior to listing your home or unit for sale, the conveyancing act requires that you provide a current copy of a Contract for Sale for the subject property, to the agent. This generally provided to the vendor (you) by either your selected solicitor or conveyancer. Your agent can suggest solicitors or conveyancers if you do not have one.
  • The law requires that you and the agent sign an Agency Agreement. This is the document in which you appoint them as your agent to sell your property. This 1 page agreement contains the agreed terms between you and your agent ie, term of the agency, asking price, any marketing costs, commission, your solicitors/conveyancers details etc.
  • Discuss with the agent the market potential of your property. As a local agent specialising in the immediate area, they will be able to provide you with excellent comparable prices so an accurate and acceptable asking price or reserve price for your property can be set. This is most important.
  • Discuss with your agent the best way to present your property to the market. Good presentation can make all the difference between a great price and a good price for a property. Try to remember properties you have inspected and how some were presented extremely well and others only so so. Your agent can suggest excellent ways to improve the presentation of your property. First impressions last!
  • Promotion is often viewed by vendors as a cost. This is incorrect and should be viewed as an investment. An investment in a clever or well thought out advertising campaign can provide a much better price for your property. An extra say…$500 invested in smart promotion can earn you a return of many $'000's. Discuss this with your agent.
  • Finally, be aware of the current market. A good agent will provide you with comparable prices for local properties for you to view. A property that has been submitted for sale at a price well above any comparable recent sales often loses buyer interest very quickly and can work as a deterrent for prospective purchasers. Remember, the object of the exercise is to sell the property, not to waste valuable resources on promotion of a product that will not sell due to a poorly thought out campaign.

We hope these few generalised tips have helped you in your decision making process in the first steps to a successful sale of your property. Always remember, a local agent with local knowledge and a highly professional attitude is your biggest asset in securing a successful and profitable sale.